Patricia Byrne

Patricia Byrne is a Limerick writer and a member of the Killaloe Hedge School Writer Group. She is a graduate of the MA (Writing) programme at NUI Galway. A writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, her short fiction is included in the collection Town of Fiction (Atlantis Collective, 2009). Her current non-fiction project, The Friar & the Felon, centres on the 1894 Valley House atrocity in Achill. Her reviews of Irish theatre and literature have appeared in New Hibernia Review (U.S.A.), The Journal (Australia) and Verbal Magazine (Northern Ireland). Her poetry has been widely published in journals and anthologies and she was the winner of the Dromineer Poetry Prize in 2007.


Patricia Byrne's first poetry collection, Unstable Time, was hand bound and printed at the Winepress, Ireland and published in 2009 by Lapwing Publications, Belfast.



Following publication of Unstable Time, Patricia then turned to prose and, in 2012, produced her nonfiction book The Veiled Woman of Achill (Collins Press, 2012). She is currently researching her second prose book. 

The Veiled Woman of Achill can be found at: 


 See They Said:- (below) 






The sow paws and kicks dry straw,

snorting hot fumes, heavy hanging

milk-blown udder,

gorged teats.

/... (stanza one of six)





Hy-Brazil is a mythical island supposedly seen

off Achill every seven years and is likely

a folk memory of submergence events

on the island

Slievemore is black save for its tip.

The mountain looks down

on Krinnuck,

on Dugurt,

on me.

/... (Stanza one of four)





I read a strange thing today:

that you have one hour

to select one memory

to take with you -

all other memories will cease to exist.

/... (Stanza one of three)



They said:-

(of The Veiled Woman of Achill )


"The gruesome tale of the 'real' Playboy of the Western World."

– Irish Independent

"Interesting slant on the violently sectarian atmosphere ... on Achill."

– The Irish Times


– Ireland's Own

"A compelling tale, which has all the ingredients of a classical tragedy, framed within the wild intimacy of an isolated community." 

– The Mayo News