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Lotte Bender is a regular reader at the White House Poetry Revival. She lives and works in Limerick City and is a recent graduate from the Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) where she completed her MA in Social Practice and the Creative Environment.  Her writing and research explores how different perspectives and perceptions shape our realities and view of the world, examining how these perceptions can be influenced, specifically through the mass media all around us.

Through her studies of advertising techniques, collective memory and accepted norms her work aims to inspire dialogue and create awareness of how we experience the world around us within particular contexts, and how the sharing of different perspectives may alter our perceptions

’Street Line Critics’ is a network of writers who share their thoughts, experiences and insights about particular places and routes in Limerick city using words of chalk as their medium.  They offer alternative perspectives of how we see and use our public places.  Opening up our streets through their musings and observations as a canvas to start a critical conversation with and about the city.  By providing these impermanent monuments to the everyday, they are drawing attention to these spaces which belong to all of us and are engaging in a process of mapping out, through words, how Limerick is lived, walked, worked and used.


The recently concluded project called Street Line Critics - Expressing the Urban Experience, has been published, and launched (October 8th 2014), under the same title, a fascinating collaborative record of this project.

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Living in a moment,

A fragment of time.

Everything so real,

Yet, so different,

From what has been,

What is to come.


Words woven,

To opinions, beliefs, convictions.

Sewing morals,

Like tags,

To each generation.


Fading with every wash,

They hold no truth.

Context changing words,

Words changing context.


Maintained within an illusion,

The fear of loss,

Non acceptance,

Remaining alone.


What are norms?

But an external framework.

Holding us in a place,

Not fully our own.


As much fiction,

As the illusion

Called reality.








Is life lived in between?

On borders, fences or no-man’s land?


In the middle of,

Past and future,

Love and Lust,

Mind and heart.


Choice holds the attention,

Like a coin spinning,

Which way will it land?


The bringer of opportunity,

Creator of doubt,

Decider of loss.


Ensuring action before reaction,

An attempt to rise above impulse.

Fighting moments that simply are.

Demanding reasons behind reasons.


Forgetting on occasion to



Remain objective.


So concerned with living in the future,

That the present passes by.







Looks, cars, televisions,                                                         

All those promises of happiness,                                           

No belonging.

Without this, there is nothing.


The ultimate aspiration?


To look like a Barbie,

Talk like a celebrity,

Smell like summer blossoms,

And arrive, sleek and slim,

To the latest gala in the belly of a Jaguar.


Fearless, proud.

Gold on every finger,

Commanding authority.


Existing in the glow of objects,

When the light goes out… there is nothing left.

No sense of self.


Is happiness not to be found inside, rather than out?