Bernard 'Barney' Sheehan




Bernard 'Barney' Luttrell O'Callaghan Sheehan, poet, amateur jockey, leather craftsman, founder/MC and long-time driving force behind the popular weekly (Wednesday) poetry revival sessions in Limerick City at the White House bar on O'Connell Street, died on Saturday April 9, 2018. Following his repose at Thompson's Funeral Home, his funeral took place on Wednesday, April 11. Following mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Ennis Road. He was laid to rest in Nenagh at Kenyon Street cemetary watched by an intimate gathering of family and friends. Fittingly, Barney was laid to rest to the sound of friends voices reading poetry (Sheila Sugrue) and Sheila Fitzpatrick-O'Donnell saying 'Goodbye Barney' as she gathered a fist of earth to follow the coffin to its final resting place. Known locally, nationally, internationally and perhaps further, (Barney would have argued 'universally known'), for his promotion of poetry and poetry readings, tributes have been pouring in giving due recognition for his untiring efforts, over many years, promoting poetry and poetry readings in Limerick City and, by example, inspiring it elsewhere.

Photo shows Barney with a celebratory cake designed to mark the claimed 500th week of readings at the White House Bar. Beginning the '501st' evening of the poetry sessions, poet Tom McCarthy took over the roll as MC. The guest poet on this evening was Brian Blaney.


 Barney Sheehan, in classic pose, with a poster and a vision. 

Inset, the book cover of Desmond O'Grady's My Limerick Town  with the portrait painted by Jack Donovan. 


My Limerick Town, edited, and published by Barney Sheehan (White House Press, 2009), (ISBN: 978-0-9550559-1-1),  first appeared in a preparatory soft back draft version prior to the excellently produced hardback copy.


They said:-


With his portrait on the cover, painted by Limerick artist Jack Donovan, whom he had 'known longest in the Arts', Desmond O'Grady signed copies of his book 'My Limerick Town' at its launch on August 28, 2009 ... foremost in the short list of dedications was his school friend Bernard 'Barney' Sheehan who edited, and published, the book and who has done more than most to keep the memory, and work, of poet Dr. Desmond O'Grady foremost in the public mind.

- Brian Blaney


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