Donal O'Siodhachain

A regular reader at the White House.

The late Donal o'Siodhacháin was a regular white house guest and Open Mic contributor at the White House Pub poetry sessions up to the time of his untimely death in late October 2012*.


Born, and reared, in the heart of Sliabh Luachra, it is no surprise that poetry and history have been driving forces in his life. Ever true to the fountain of his roots, ‘In Celtic lore, it was believed the strongest memory in the mind was the last left at the moment of death and so became the first reality experienced after the cross-over into the spirit world to begin a new life’. (Quote)


‘Remembering My Own Father’...

The brightness in your eyes

And in your voice,

 Confident, Strong

Made me doubt for a moment

The white coats.../

‘ Beyond The Hidden Shore’

I wish for you Fermanagh Hills

And rivers running clean

June hedges of whitethorn

With meadows high between.../


*Just days prior to his death, Donal was billed as Guest Poet. Unable to attend, Donal sent his apologies. His partner, and love of his life, Pat, read for him on that occasion.

On October 10, 2012 the following email was received from Barney Sheehan:

'Dear All,

I regret to advise you of the death last night of our fellow poet Donal O'Siocháin.He was unquestionable one of the most extraordinary characters of the White House Poetry Revival and his unique contribution will always be associated with this cultural event in Limerick City.'